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How Positive is the Impact of Professional Coaching ? ICF Studies' New Findings

We know that coaching has the power to transform lives. The positive impact of one person’s coaching experience often ripples out to their networks, organizations, communities and the world at large.

Professional Coaching particularly is a well-established developmental tool for senior managers and leaders, but what about the value of coaching for young, emerging leaders?

Recent studies by ICF (International Coaching Federation) have examined the impact of leadership coaching among university students. They revealed that students who worked with a professional coach exhibited larger changes in leader identity, self-concept clarity, humility, sense of purpose, satisfaction with life, and psychological distress. The validity of these changes was supported through observations of growth by peers, underscoring the developmental value of coaching for young, emerging leaders.

To read the full study, download the pdf document

Post 39 - The_Impact_Of_Emerging_Coaching_For_Young_Leaders
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