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Expatriation coachingwith G&L SHIFT Coach Ccertified

You are in a situation of international mobility, multicultural team management and you need to: 

  • Find keys to understanding and taking action to better navigate your intercultural reality.

  • Develop your ability to adapt and act effectively in the face of intercultural management challenges.

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Discover our Expatriation Pack & Intercultural

Choose the coaching route which suits you best.

You decide if you want to haveyour sessions 100% online, 100% in person, or by mixing the two coaching modes!

Expatriation & Intercultural Management

When ?

How ?

Using what ?

During your international mobility


8 hour coaching pack 

with online
sessions of
1h to 1h30,

(in French or English),

regularly scheduled in line with the expatriation process

(maximum duration 6 months).


Specific tools adapted to international mobility

  • Far from being just a simple geographic move, expatriation represents a real "transplantation" for the expatriate and his/her entourage into an environment that is often completely new to them. A source of multiple opportunities and self-reinvention, expatriation is nonetheless a high-risk period.


  • ​Expatriation’s key word? Adaptation to change! As Heraclitus said, "only change is permanent" and that, as an expatriate, you know it better than anyone! You go through your own adaptation curve, riding a roller coaster from exhilaration, to  putting in place new resources for new projects, through phases of low energy and frustration.

  • In order to support you in this systemic change, we offer you a specific coaching that focuses on your expatriation issues: as a company employee or self-employed worker, with your spouse or as a single person, with your children or as a single parent.

Coaching d'expatriation avec G&L SHIFT 

Some of our expatriation coaching tools

Coaching on departure and return from expatriation

  • Life and Expatriation Adaptation curves to become aware of where you are at.

  • The wheel of life to better identify your expectations on expatriation and coaching.

  • A checklist for successful departure / return to expatriation.

Coaching d’entrepreneur avec G&L SHIFT Coach Certifié avec Sandrine gelin Lamrani

​Your coach, Sandrine GELIN-LAMRANI, international multi-entrepreneur for 20 years, having herself repeatedly redefined her professional future, supported people in activity or retraining.


Trained specifically in career coaching, her plural and humanizing approach to coaching allows you to take a

step back from complex situations, all in benefiting

from relevant tools and resources contributing

to your performance and growth.

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