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Collective Coaching  with G&L SHIFT  Certified Coach

In the production economy, value creation depends on land, labor and capital. In the knowledge economy, value creation depends above all on innovations, mainly collective. Yesterday, companies were industrial and commercial, today they need to go beyond these 2 classical dimensions to become true learning organizations. Their future performance depends on their ability to mobilize knowledge and collective intelligence. To allow the learning and collective dimensions to emerge as key elements in companies’ strategies today, collective coaching is a powerful tool. Taking up all the professional and ethical principles of individual coaching, collective coaching is the most efficient tool to support the change of teams and organizations not only in terms of behaviors, but also in terms of values, value systems and mindset.

Coaching - What is it?

Coaching Collectif avec G&L SHIFT 

According to ...

International Coaching Federation (ICF): an alliance between the coach and his clients in a process that arouses reflection and creativity in them in order to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Jean-François Délivré (Coach profession): coaching is the art of helping a person find their own solutions.

In Summary :

Coaching is a personalized support based on a partnership between a coach and a client as part of a process of reflection and creativity. This encourages the client to optimize his or her potential, both personal and professional.

- The coach recognizes the client as the only expert in his/her private and professional life and believes that each client knows how to demonstrate creativity and ingenuity.

- This process enables clients to radically improve their prospects for their work and personal life, while developing their leadership skills and unlocking their potential.

What coaching is not:

  • Consulting

  • Mentoring

  • Psychotherapy

  • Training

  • Outplacement

  • Sports performance training



- Establishing a contract according to the standards of the ICF and its code of ethics

- Absolute confidentiality

- Implementing the 8 keys competences of the coach according to the frame of reference defined by the ICF:

  • Demonstrates ethics in his practice

  • Embodies a Coaching mindset

  • Defines and maintains contracts

  • Develop a space of trust and security

  • Stay in the presence

  • Listening actively

  • Raises awareness

  • Facilitates customer growth.

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