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Sandrine Gelin-Lamrani

Our sources of inspiration

The currents of the liberated company and the Opale movement resulting from the work of Tom Peters, Isaac Getz and Frédéric Laloux:

  • Tom Peters - Liberated Company; Liberation Management

  • Isaac Getz - Liberating leadership

  • Frédéric Laloux - Reinventing organizations.

The Positive Psychology of David Goleman - Emotional Intelligence - and Martin Selingman, the essential contributions of Robert Dilts and Stephen Gilligan in terms of generative coaching and change of beliefs.

The work on values ​​and value systems of individuals and companies by E. Spranger, Clare W. Graves. Those on the Science of Axiology by Dr. Hartman and J. Niblick.

The paradigm shifts of the Fourth Industrial Revolution embodied by Jeremy Rifkin. The “fusion and disruption” personalities who work for change: Fouad Laroui, Felwin Saar, Idriss Aberkane, Asmaa Lamrabet, Fatima Mernissi.

The current of active pedagogies embodied by Maria Montessori, whose schools of the same name are true schools of HAPPINESS.


Visionary and disruptive entrepreneurs who free themselves from standards and promote passion and humanism: Anita Roddick (Body Shop), Muhammad Yunus (Grameen Bank), Jos De Blok (Buurtzorg), Jean-François Zobrist (FAVI), Gunter Pauli (ZERI)….

And so many others….

Pierres zen

Tedx Talks

Some inspirational quotes

maria montessori

Maria montessori

« Let's not raise our children for today's world. That world will have changed when they grow up. Therefore, the priority should be to help children develop their creative and adaptive skills. »


« The child is not a vase to be filled but a spring to be tapped. »


« The function of the environment is not to train the child but to allow him to reveal himself. »


« Unleash the child's potential and you will transform the world with him. »


« Establishing lasting peace is the work of education. Politics can only prevent war. »


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