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APPROACHES & TOOLS with G&L SHIFT Certified Coach

Our way of approaching a question, a situation, a problem is what constitutes the heart of our approach. Whatever our intervention, rather than choosing a single approach, we build and interweave different approaches together: individual / collective, internal / external, cognitive / somatic, emotional / systemic approach.

Combining different approaches (developmental, behavioral, generative, organizational) allows us to finely embrace the reality of our world today Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous (VUCA)*. Indeed, the way we perceive the conditions under which we make our decisions, plan, manage risk, promote change and solve problems, tends to shape our ability to anticipate problems that arise, understand the consequences of problems and actions, appreciate the interdependence of variables, prepare for realities and new challenges, seize relevant opportunities.

Our tools are instruments used to produce precise results. A hammer and nails are tools used to build a house. Our coach, consultant or trainer tools are those that allow us to achieve what we could not do without a specific instrument, for example establishing a specific profile (Innermetrix®), questioning (meta-model), updating (Spiral dynamics model), listen (Wear), calibrate (NLP). The tools that we use in our interventions are inclusive and as much as possible, digitally accessible.

To use these tools in an efficient and targeted manner, we have developed specific skills and techniques, the results of hours of learning, training and practice. Many of them have received professional certifications recognized on a national or international level.

* Volatile: the nature, speed, dynamics and catalysts of change are increased tenfold

Uncertain: Lack of predictability and the outlook of a certain unknown influence awareness and understanding of issues and events.

Complex: the multiplicity of forces present, the complexity of the problems, the absence of an apparent cause and effect link leads to confusion around the organization.

Ambiguous: a fuzzy reality and an increased risk of erroneous interpretations reinforce the confusion between cause and effect.

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