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E-coaching with G&L SHIFT  Certified Coach 

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  • E-coaching is an integral part of coaching: It is based on digital tools and on the new field of possibilities that they offer.

  • An innovative, comprehensive and personalized approach to distance coaching: coaching 3.0.

  • It is a new method of personalized and interactive support for people and teams, making it possible to erase all barriers of time and space.

As a member of the international network of e-coaching certified coaches, I invite you to discover this coaching method which will allow you:

  • Appropriate good practices.

  • To optimize costs to allow everyone to access this service, which is now essential for professional development.

  • To be coached anywhere at any time.

The advantages of e-coaching

  • You are no longer dependent on time and space constraints, or prisoner of the need to meet your coach in person.

  • You benefit from your individual videoconference sessions anytime and anywhere.

  • You integrate a complete process in which you have free and permanent access to all the tools necessary to achieve your professional goals.

  • You keep moving even between two sessions with your coach.

  • The e-coaching platform also offers you free access to tailor-made e-learning training.

  • It also helps to strengthen your knowledge and skills as part of your professional project.

  • E-coaching considerably expands your resources.

  • It strengthens your possibilities for collaboration and interactivity.

The e-coaching platform:

how does it work?

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