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Team coaching

Coaching d'équipe avec G&L SHIFT Coach Certifié
  • You belong to a human organization (company, association, community, etc.), you may even be in charge of it. You have a project, you have fixed yourself. one or more goals to achieve? Coaching your teams can help you do this faster and with more lasting results.

  • The goal of team coaching is to support the development of the collective performance of a team in a monitored and measured way so that the operational result of the whole greatly exceeds the potential of the sum of its members." ( Alain Cardon ).

  • Because there is no efficient team without recognized individuals who know how to both take advantage of their differences and articulate them harmoniously.

In which contexts to call for team coaching?

Team coaching schema.PNG
  • Support the construction and establishment of a new team

  • Establish a corporate culture based on common values

  • Support the implementation of a new mode of operation in a team during a change of direction

  • Consolidate the cohesion of a cruising team

What team coaching can do within a team:

Coaching d'équipe avec G&L SHIFT Coach Certifié
  • Create lasting change in behavior

  • Optimize collective performance by lifting the brakes that block or slow it down

  • Improve the fluidity of interpersonal communication

  • Boost the ability to take initiatives

Team Meeting

Set up your team coaching

  • In team coaching, approaches are always adapted according to the situations

  • The key to the success of the change nevertheless lies in the duration, which will make it possible to combine different approaches, to make the actors work individually, in sub-groups, or in teams.

  • Team coaching takes the form of support of at least 4 to 6 months, over sequences of varying nature and duration, in order to put in place the conditions favoring both the emergence of individual qualities and that of collective performance.

  • The framework, the common thread proposed can be modified at any time, depending on what is happening at the team level. We can thus modify the organization, change the work sequences, introduce additional tools. It is indeed part of the skills of the coach to work in the here and now, in order to better support the team towards achieving the chosen objectives.

Team coaching as we practice it:

an inclusive and systemic approach

In team coaching, we ensure that the 3Cs are united:

  • Capacities: all participants take ownership of the success of the project, mobilizing their capacities and best practices, in a spirit of individual and collective responsibility.

  • Coherence: the commitments between the participants are reciprocal, the acceptance of change involves ALL hierarchical levels.

  • Framing: the approach responds to an operational, specific and measurable objective. It requires a deliverable.

In team coaching, we work on 2 levels of collective intelligence:


  • Collected Intelligence : collaboration and creativity.

  • Systemic Relational Intelligence where 1 + 1 = 3 optimization and reconfiguration at the team level, the whole creating more value than the individual alone. Its result greatly exceeds the potential of the sum of its members.

Our coaching posture:

  • Collective intelligence catalyst. We make sure to establish a climate of trust and kindness throughout the coaching. We facilitate, we guarantee the framework, in a serene climate.

  • In "meta position" : neither judge nor party. We are able to suspend our judgments and let go.

  • In presence, in alliance and linked to the group .

  • Confident about what is happening.      We crystallize the intention.

  • Neutral. We respect confidentiality. We follow the code of ethics of the International Coaching Federation.

Some approaches and tools: brainstorming, design thinking, co-development, Goldsmith, creative approaches [photolanguage, mind mapping, world café, frescoes], discovery of oneself and others with psychometric evaluation tools.

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