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Business coaching with G&L SHIFT

Coaching d’entrepreneur avec G&L SHIFT

You are the founder, manager of your company (Start up, TPE, SME), you feel the need:

  • to take a step back in your daily activity and break your loneliness as a leader

  • to find new solutions to your business issues

  • to overcome your fears and question your beliefs to go further in your thoughts and actions

  • to build your managerial identity

  • quite simply to be accompanied on a specific objective

The business coaching approach meets your needs

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Discover our business coaching pack

Choose the coaching path that best suits you. You decide if you want to have your sessions 100% online, 100% face-to-face , or by mixing the two coaching modes !


When ?

How ?

Using what ?

At any stage in your company's life cycle.

10 hours coaching pack

with regularly
scheduled online sessions

of 1h to 1h30,
(in French or English),

over a period of 3 - 6

Specific tools tailored to entrepreneurs' neeeds.

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  • A turnkey toolkit to allow you to optimize all aspects of implementing your entrepreneurial project: business model, business plan, self-branding, development

  • The 360° SME: to allow you to transform yourself and your business with ergonomic tools that meet your essential needs: increased profitability, reorientation and change of business model, development of your professional efficiency, recovery of your energy and your life balance.

  • The Success Mindsetmap™: a cutting-edge, research-based tool designed in a graphic, inspiring and pragmatic manner, the Success Mindsetmap™ is a mindset assessment and development tool that helps entrepreneurs to better understand their own state of mind and to make the necessary changes to achieve their business objectives.

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“Success MindsetMaps™ - Tous droits réservés pour MindsetMaps International LLC"

Customer testimonial

“I liked Sandrine's ability to establish a relationship of trust between us from the very first minute we spoke. I chose to be coached to help my business evolve, and at the same time, I had an unassumed or unacknowledged desire to work on a new project. Sandrine sensed that I needed to be freed from the first subject in order to fully embrace the second. And in just a few sessions, she was able to help me make great strides on both fronts. I've structured my business to ensure faster growth, and I've also mapped out the shape of my next baby. I felt accompanied by a true ally, knowledgeable and at my service. Sandrine interacts unpretentiously and is always extremely fair and precise in her questions. I loved her formulas and I keep this one in mind regularly: "it's urgent not to rush".

Thank you again Sandrine, I recommend you 200%."

Ch.H.H.H – Fonder HC Barcino Investia (Spain)

Coaching d’entrepreneur avec G&L SHIFT Coach Certifié avec Sandrine gelin Lamrani

Your coach, Sandrine GELIN-LAMRANI, international multi-entrepreneur for 20 years, has supported dozens of entrepreneurs at various stages of development of their business:launch, growth, pivot, resale.


Its plural and humanizing approach to coaching allows you to take a step back from complex situations, while benefiting from relevant tools and resources contributing to your performance and growth.

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