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Career coaching  with G&L SHIFT

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You are a professional in your field and you need to:

  • Take stock of your career and consider new possibilities,

  • Make sure that the new position you are considering is the right one for you.

Discover our Career Coaching pack

Choose the coaching route which suits you best.

You decide if you want to haveyour sessions 100% online, 100% in person, or by mixing the two coaching modes!

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When ?

How ?

Using what ?

When you're wondering about your next career step

12 hours coaching pack 

with regularly
scheduled on
line sessions

of 1h to 2h,

(in French or English),

over a period of 3 - 6

Specific tools for career management

Give meaning back to your professional life by building a project that suits you!

While taking into account your current context - career development within the company, taking up a position, looking for new external opportunities, retraining - the heart of our support allows you to:

  • Capitalize on your past:

    • The flow of life map.

    • Your life compass to identify the choices you have made, the paths taken by default, or which have been imposed on you in different parts of your life.

    • When you give your best to understand the situations in which you thrive and identify your strengths/skills.

  • Build on your present and take into account your imperatives:

    • Your talents with smart talent profiling.

    • Your current needs to better identify what matters today in your life to see what motivates you, guides you personally and professionally.

    • Your values to explore how you will honor them through your professional project.

  • Project yourself into the future:

    • The job, the structure, the corporate culture, the ideal environment for you?

Our tools to support you are accessible on our platform

of Professional Coaching 3.0, at any time.

 G&L Shift

A holistic tool:
the life flow map

We use the life flow map so that you can chronologically record the main events in your life : major events that have happened in your life and the path you have taken to get to where you are today.


Creating your map provides you with a visual representation of changes that have occurred over time , as well as important events in your life. Graphing these key moments allows you to see life patterns and times of change, identify the influences that have shaped who you are and the decisions you have made in your life, discuss coping strategies and to record progress .

Other elements can be added to it, such as skills, emotions, associated words or works. The integration of these elements illustrates the social, professional and emotional influence that shapes you.

Smart Talent Profiling - ADVanced Insight®

The ADVanced Insight® Profile brings together in a single questionnaire the analysis of your Talent through 3 dimensions resulting from the research of 3 world-class schools of psychology:

  • Individual mental skills

  • behavioral preferences

  • motivational values

A + D + V

  • Attribute Index® : What do you prioritize when making your decisions? What is your thought pattern?

School of Axiology: Thinking Scheme (Hartman)

  • DISC index®: How do you act? - what are your natural and adapted behavioral preferences?

DISC behavioral model (Marston)

  • Values ​​Index® : Why are you taking action? - what are your motivational values?

Attitude models (Spranger)

ADV innermetrix 2_PNG.png

Customer testimonial

"What is powerful in Sandrine's coaching is her reformulation which translates what is still confused in oneself. What particularly helped me was being constantly brought back to the concrete aspects of life, in the two axes of doing and being. I am full of gratitude for the quality of his support which allowed me to achieve my goal, and through his eyes I was able to reconnect with my value."

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Coaching d’entrepreneur avec G&L SHIFT Coach Certifié avec Sandrine gelin Lamrani

​Your coach, Sandrine GELIN-LAMRANI, international multi-entrepreneur for 20 years, having herself repeatedly redefined her professional future, supported people in activity or retraining.


Trained specifically in career coaching, her plural and humanizing approach to coaching allows you to take a

step back from complex situations, all in benefiting

from relevant tools and resources contributing

to your performance and growth.

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