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Sandrine Gelin-Lamrani

My books

Coach Certifiée à Barcelone en Espagne G&L Shift Sandrine Gelin Lamrani

Sandrine Gelin-Lamrani, "Directrice et Fondatrice"

Founder CEO - G&L Shift®

ICF Certified Coach

Graduate of

IEP Strasbourg & MS SMIB ESSEC

sciences po Strasbourg
Essec Business School Paris-Singapore
Livres créés par sandrine gelin-lamrani

As a co-author, I started by writing books dedicated to my peers, that is to say to students preparing for administrative, university, high school exams and competitions (Sciences Po, business schools, etc.).


As co-director of publication, I then used my career in consulting and training to allow my readers to benefit from the contributions of my practice as a consultant, trainer and speaker, prowled in interpersonal communication techniques, organization, presentation in public, animation of workshops, facilitation of debate and emergence of collective intelligence.


These are 8 books that finally saw the light of day and to which I am proud to have contributed.

Intervene in public

Intervenir en public - couv.jpg

“The more responsibility you take, the more you have to express yourself in public. But you have the jitters. You dread the look of your listeners. You are afraid of being criticized, of being interrupted, of losing track ... You admire the ease of audiovisual professionals. You think they have a gift, and you don't. However, nothing is more wrong. If they seem so comfortable, it's not because they're particularly gifted; it’s because they’ve trained so much. This book empowers you to match them, by “freeing” your word and showing you how:

Prepare yourself

Work the substance of your intervention

Stage your speech "

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