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Developing intercultural skills at the time of Hybrid Work and Inclusive Diversity

When we have the opportunity to run an intercultural intelligence workshop for the multi-cultural teams of a major global firm, our mission as international professional coaches takes on a whole new meaning!

70 participants, 20 nationalities, 16 native languages, and teams working in remote mode most of the time: it was with a highly multi-cultural and geographically dispersed audience that we had the pleasure of discussing the theme of cultural diversity and its impact on the workplace.

Some of the lessons learned:

✅ exploring what lies beneath the visible surface of culture - ultimate purpose, world-view, values, beliefs, etc. - enables teams to connect different cultures by building bridges between them, and to leverage cultural diversity to create synergies and new possibilities.

✅ Attitudes that facilitate these new perspectives: curiosity, the ability to suspend judgement, questioning and listening.

✅ Cross-culturally, one thing and its opposite are equally real, true and right.

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