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Understanding yourself and others on a deeper level with Innermetrix Direct DISC Profile

🔍 Are you curious about understanding yourself and others on a deeper level?

The Innermetrix Direct DISC profile, inspired by the pioneering work of Professor Marston, delves into both your natural and adaptive behaviours, providing invaluable insights into your "how" while the Attributes and Values profiles measure your "what" and "why."

🌟 The Innermetrix Direct DISC profile allows you to :

  • Go beyond the surface : uncover your true behavioural tendencies, helping you navigate personal and professional relationships more effectively.

  • Measure both natural and adaptive behaviours providing you with the most accurate, in-depth and informative insight.

  • Get personalised insights: understand your strengths, motivations, and communication styles to enhance your self-awareness and success.

  • Benefit from unparalleled support : we provide you with tools and strategies to leverage your DISC profile for personal and professional growth.

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