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Back to Business with Greatness

3 best practices for a stress-free return to work

Holidays on the beach, in the mountains, in the countryside or even in the city, under the summer sun (or winter for our colleagues in the southern hemisphere) are already fading away. And to ensure a radiant and enthusiastic return, we'd like to suggest a few essential best practices:

▶️ Returning to work after the holiday season is first and foremost a moment of realignment with specific objectives and challenges. Take the time to immerse yourself in, and even revisit, your goals for the year. They will be a tremednous source of learning for you during the next semester.

💼 A successful start to the semester means a well-prepared start: take the time to visualize your activities for this week, the next 15 days and the month(s) ahead. Sequence your activities and balance your workload according to your priorities.

🌟 Finally, put yourself in positive mental and physical condition by placing yourself on the "growth side of your mind" : this means finding inspiration in the success of others, continuing and adapting your efforts in the face of obstacles or setbacks, feeding off criticism by learning from it to move forward.

So, are you ready to make your "back-to-school" time of the year even more exciting than your holidays?

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