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Keep Calm and Enjoy Summer

As we move from July into August, the heart of the Northern Hemisphere's summer season, we might be slowing down and entering a phase of calm and rejuvenation. This is an opportunity to wish you a lovely summer break, with a bit of reading for all those interested in interculturality, diversity, mindset... quite simply, humanity!

👉 Bridge the culture gaps - A toolkit for effective collaboration in the diverse, global workplace by Robert Gibson

"The diverse, global workplace brings with it both opportunities and challenges. Bridge the Culture Gaps is a practical guide to leveraging diversity for business success"

👉 Diversity and Inclusion Matters by Jason R. Thomson

"Jason R. Thompson delivers a groundbreaking and hands on roadmap of how to build and implement a leading diversity program that achieves its goals and creates organizational change"

👉 L'intelligence interculturelle au service des coachs by Jimena Andino Dorato, Verónica De la Fuente, Ghislaine Tamisier

"Today coaches are called upon to work with individuals and groups with a wide variety of cultural backgrounds. This diversity can also be found among support specialists, whether in the field of psychology, consulting or training. This richness is also a source of complexity. The authors of this book provide concrete guidelines and tools to help you meet this challenge."

👉 Sans l'Humain ... plus d'Entreprise by Christian Debast

"This book puts people back at the heart of business and professional relations. At a time when well-being and fulfillment have become pillars of human resources management, particular emphasis needs to be placed on the emotional skills of managers and their teams. Deliberately provocative, the title highlights the urgent need to get back to basics: our humanity ".

👉 The power of mindset change : why mindset matters most by Robert Dilts and Mickey Feher

"Authors (...) have molded ground breaking research on mindset into a powerful tool for selecting and developing the ideal mindset for achieving key personal and professional goals."

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