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"Expatriation: Challenges and Opportunities of a Human Adventure" A look back at the conference

On Thursday June 15, Nadège Fayard and Sandrine Gelin-Lamrani, both multi-expatriates and international coaches, had the pleasure of exchanging views with Barcelona's French-speaking expatriates, during their conference dedicated to the challenges and opportunities of expatriation, presented at the Institut Français de Barcelone.

They shared their vision of what is at stake in this human adventure, and what are the keys to genuine success for all those involved in international mobility.

Here are just a few of the many points discussed:

  • How expatriation is a real transplant, enabling expatriates to form a new system of multiple roots.

  • How expatriation changes the balance of our life's spheres, particularly those of family and couple.

  • How exposure to a new culture plunges expatriates into an external and internal journey, opening up their field of vision and understanding of the world.

  • How to develop intercultural skills to boost expatriates' future employability and/or business.

  • How to manage one's career and reinvent one's professional project while on expatriation

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