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We were there! 1st Francophone Coaching Congress by ICF Synergie

We were there!  1st Francophone Coaching Congress by ICF Synergie
We were there! 1st Francophone Coaching Congress by ICF Synergie

We plunged in the heart of innovation and inspiration at the ICF Synergie Congress, the must-attend event that lit up the scene in Lille on March 15 and 16, 2024! Two days of exciting exchanges, captivating discoveries and enriching encounters marked this memorable first edition.

Imagine yourself surrounded by top coaches and personal and professional development enthusiasts, all gathered to explore the latest trends, share their expertise and push back the boundaries of excellence. The dynamic and enthusiastic atmosphere created a true melting pot of stimulating ideas and fruitful synergies.

The program offered a range of topics as varied as they were captivating. Inspiring conferences led by renowned speakers shed light on new approaches to coaching, innovative leadership strategies and the most effective development tools. Interactive workshops enabled participants to explore in a practical way certain themes essential to our profession.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Intergenerational Leadership: Building an Inclusive and Sustainable Future

  • Stimulating creativity with Neuroscience

  • Stress and Resilience through the lens of Neuroscience

  • Ethics in the Digital Age of A.I.

  • Is the human encounter soluble in A.I.?

  • The challenges of tomorrow's leader in the A.I. era.

Above all, we represented our entire community of e-coaches, E-coaching Associates, an international community of e-coaches who use digital technology to enhance human relationships. All certified professional coaches, members of the most prestigious International Coaching Federations, supervised and labelled by our e-coaching quality label, we came together to share our rich professional and cultural diversity.

The Lille ICF Synergie Congress was truly a catalyst for inspiration and transformation, propelling everyone to new horizons of success and fulfillment. Whether for novices wishing to learn the secrets of coaching, or for experts seeking to perfect their skills, this event was an invaluable source of learning and personal and professional growth.

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