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Highlight of our last workshop @The Club of Francophone Women Entrepreneurs of Spain

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

How to develop a "growth entrepreneurial mindset"?

It was on Wednesday, March 1st, in a nicely renovated meeting room in a Barcelona co-working space in the heart of the Eixample, @Qdoor. It was a great pleasure for me to meet about twenty of my fellow women entrepreneurs to talk about "entrepreneurial growth mindset".

Among other things, we discussed:

  • the role of the Mindset in the changes we make in our lives, especially from a professional point of view,

  • the impact of mindset on our actions and therefore our results,

  • the differences between the fixed mindset and the growth mindset,

  • How to develop our 3 types of Mindset in service of our entrepreneurial development goals, with the Success Mindsetmap™

If you are a woman entrepreneur, if you want to adopt the Mindset of successful entrepreneurs in the service of your development goals with an innovative digital tool, contact me to benefit from the exclusive Mindset Coaching promotional offer that we grant for the all month of March 2023 - the month during which we celebrate International Women's Rights Day!

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