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Coaching Professionnel 3.0 by G&L Shift: A new international recognition

👉 Professional coaching is personalized support based on a partnership between coach and coachee in a process of reflexion and creativity, to encourage the coachee to optimize his/her professional potential.

👉 It's an alliance that enables the deployment of the coachee's capacity through the revelation of his/her potential and the move to action. It's a progressive, concrete and iterative process that accompanies the coachee from point A (starting point) to point B (target objective). Coaching takes place in the present and looks to the future.

👉 It unfolds with respect, openness, authenticity and benevolence, with a view to success. It is based on a strong ethical framework and a privileged relationship between the coachee and the coach. It sheds new light on situations, ways of thinking and sometimes limiting behaviors, acting as a lever of motivation, energy and action.

🏆 For its unwavering commitment to companies and professionals who consciously want to be actors in their own success, G&L Shift has been awarded first prize in the "Best Professional Coach of the Year 2023 in Catalonia" category by Acquisition International, an international web magazine providing its readers with the latest business news and analysis.

The award highlights the most innovative organizations and consultants in their particular fields worldwide. It recognizes G&L Shit's achievements, its digital presence and the way it uses its own media - blog, website, webpress, social media - to launch, develop adn disseminate innovative services for the benefit of its customer community.

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