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G&L Shift at the Barcelona Francophone Women Entrepreneurs' Fair : D-8!

Business, Career, Expatriation, Intercultural Management

👉 You are a company's founder - Start-up, VSE, SME - and you feel the need: to take a step back in your daily activity, to break your loneliness as a leader, to find new solutions to your business problems, to develop an entrepreneurial growth mindset, to overcome your fears and question your beliefs to go further in your thoughts and actions.

👉 You are a professional in your field and you feel the need: to take stock of your career to consider new possibilities, to be sure that the new position you are considering suits you, to reposition yourself professionally because your personal context has changed.

👉 You are in a situation of international mobility or multicultural team management and you feel the need: to develop your ability to adapt and act effectively when facing professional challenges in different cultural contexts, to handle a feeling of isolation or emotional stress due to your lack of understanding of your cultural environment.

If you are facing any of these issues, come and discover how we can help you solve them through our 3.0 coaching methods and approaches. We will share them with you throughout the day at the Barcelona Francophone Women Entrepreneurship Fair.

Date: Friday, May 26, 2023

Opening Hours: 11:00 am to 6:00 pm

Followed by a Cocktail until 20:00

Free Admission

Venue: French Institute of Barcelona

Address: Carrer de Moià, 8, 08006 Barcelona

Lieu : Institut Français de Barcelone

Adresse : Carrer de Moià, 8, 08006 Barcelona

Web Site:

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