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Exclusive portrait : Sandrine Gelin-Lamrani @G&L Shift invited in the columns of

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

the leader of the written information for the French expatriates and francophones

It is with great pleasure that I have been interviewed in the columns of, the leading digital media for local and international information for French and Francophone expatriates around the world.

From Barcelona, I talk about my international career and my desire, at a very young age, to travel the world and "push the walls". As a multi-expatriate and international serial entrepreneur, having lived in 6 different countries and developed coaching, consulting and training services in 8, I talk about my 3 jobs and their complementarity, the difficulties inherent to the activity of a multi-hatted entrepreneur, my passion for otherness and how I have turned cultural differences into a real strength in the service of a new situational intelligence.

It is also an opportunity to discuss my current activity as a professional coach: what constitutes a "good coach", how I support my clients, whether they are entrepreneurs, executives or their teams, in their transition, evolution and innovation journeys, by helping them take a step back from complex situations, while providing them with relevant tools and resources that contribute to their growth.

And since a good coach constantly makes his/her rapport with himself/herself and with others, as well as his/her practice evolve, I also mention the new coaching 3.0 modalities, particularly adapted to expatriation situations.

To read the complete portrait, click here.

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