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Work in Barcelona! Job Fair Learnings from of our exclusive workshop on managing your expat career

🌍 Maximizing your expat career potential.

International companies, especially those based in vibrant and dynamic cities like Barcelona, attract a diverse pool of talents from all over the world. These companies become melting pots where individuals from various cultural and professional backgrounds come together, creating a rich and dynamic work environment.

However, for expatriates working in such international settings, managing their own careers can pose significant challenges. Navigating the complexities of an expatriate career requires the implementation of essential practices and the utilization of specific tools designed to address the unique needs and circumstances of expatriates.

I had the pleasure to share more about this topic at the last Work in Barcelona! Job Fair that took place in the Catalan capital 2 weeks ago. Here are the key highlights for expats to build their own Expat Career Navigation System.

✅ Assess your current & desired situation.

✅ Retrace and visualize your academic and professional journey to build a coherent career path and résumé.

✅ Assess your skills to identify what you can do & how to demonstrate it.

✅ Acquire self knowledge to deepen your understanding of who you are using assessment & psychometric tools.

✅ Clarify what you would really like to have in your next professional chapter : your ideal job.

✅ Clarify what is your positioning on a market that has distinctive needs and norms.

✅ Embrace expatriation & cultural complexity.

✅ Organize your research putting strategies & action plan.

Want to know more about our Expat Career Navigation System and how it can serve your expat career goals? Contact us 🚀

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