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LinkedIn Interview Replay @Barcelona Metropolitan Magazine

💻 📱Watch the Replay! Yesterday LinkedIn Interview with Victor Horcasitas

If you could not join us yesterday, you can watch the replay of our insightful LinkedIn Live interview, where we delved into the world of global business coaching for expats. Follow my conversation with our host, Victor Horcasitas, The "Metropolitan Magazine Wizard", The ultimate "Expat Whisperer" in Barcelona. With an impressive background in fostering community and business connections, Victor's interviews are always a must-watch.

I shared more about my 25 years multi-expatriate and serial entrepreneur journey where I've been guiding businesses and corporate leaders through transformational journeys across countries and continents. I also gave insight to our pioneering Professional Coaching 3.0 approach that fosters leadership development and team dynamics. putting innovative digital tools at the service of the human relation.

You want to know more about how my expertise has made me a sought-after business coach, trainer and facilitator with a global footprint? Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable takeaways and get inspired!

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