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Contributing to our Benjamin Franklin International School Community

Contributing is one of my great passions in life and at work. Last month I had the opportunity to leverage this passion in 2 meaningful ways within our Benjamin Franklin International School Community.

👉 I had the pleasure of kicking off the "Women of BFIS Speaker Series" by sharing knowledge and exchanging views on how Women Entrepreneurs are shaping tomorrow's world.

💬 "Thank you Sandrine for being so generous with your time and sharing your stellar work with us today. It lifted the whole event, engaging the whole room, and I hope you also felt it was as worthwhile a collaboration as we did!"

💬 "My heartfelt gratitude for the inspiration and networking opportunities you offered our community today. Not only, was it a powerful learning experience, but it allowed us to break bread and deepen connections,which build belonging, inclusion and support."

👉 I had the pleasure of being part of the speakers pool that took the stand at BFIS ⏩ Future Forward Career Program 2024 ⏩

Sharing some of my professional journey highlights with high school students, I provided insights onto the 3 "professional hats" I have been wearing along my 25 years international career - Consultant, Trainer, Coach. A big thumbs up for my partner of the day, Leigh Matthews who shared more about her own expat journey as an Australian psychologist, founder & director at Therapy in Barcelona

💬 "Helping students to imagine the future of work, how different career fields are evolving, and what skills and soft skills will be useful in the working world is key."

Grateful for these opportunities to give back and make a difference! Let's continue to inspire and empower each other on our professional journeys.

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