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From face-to-face coaching to coaching 3.0: which support modality to choose?

"There is only one thing in life that never changes, and that is change" Confucius once told us. People and organisations are changing all the time. Perhaps you are in a process of change too? Do you feel that you need someone to help you on this journey? To be able to make a strategic decision, take a new position, optimize your managerial communication, review your priorities, clarify a situation, take action, manage your stress and adopt a more harmonious lifestyle, etc.

This is what Professional Coaching will enable you to do by encouraging you to reflect and be creative in order to maximise your potential, which is sometimes constrained by the weight of obstacles, fears and limiting beliefs about yourself.

But what type of coaching should you choose? Because the expansion and democratisation of access to coaching, thanks to the development of professional mobility and remote access tools, has seen the emergence of multiple coaching methods. In this "jungle", it is not always easy to choose the one that is best suited to you. In order to help you gain some clarity, we have looked at the different types of support available today in coaching.

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