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What are the competencies that a coach must be able to demonstrate?

Focus on competency n°6 of the ICF framework: listening actively

In a world where the diffusion of professional coaching continues to grow, the International Coaching Federation (ICF) has been defining the core competencies used by professional coaches for more than 25 years. Those core skills include 8 distinct competencies, the sixth of which consists of "Actively listening", i.e. focusing on what the client says and does not say in order to fully understand what is being communicated

In concrete terms, this means that the coach :

  • considers the client's context, identity, environment, experiences, values and beliefs to better understand what is being communicated.

  • reflects or summarizes what the client has communicated to ensure clarity and understanding.

  • notices, acknowledges and explores the client's emotions

  • notices patterns in the client's behaviours and emotions to discern recurring themes and patterns.

In our coaching practice, we deploy this skill by:

  • tailoring our questions and observations to what we have learned about our client and his·her situation.

  • questioning or exploring the words used by our client.

  • exploring our client's emotions and energy shifts, non-verbal cues

  • questioning or exploring the way our client perceives him·herself or his·her world

To learn more about our competencies as an international professional coach, check the ICF Core Competencies:

ICF - 8 CoreCompetencies
Download PDF • 50KB

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