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Organizational coaching  with G&L SHIFT  Certified Coach

Coaching d'organisation avec G&L SHIFT Coach Certifié

Individual coaching is the support of a person and team coaching, that of a formal group including a manager and his/her direct reports.

Organizational coaching is at the next level of complexity, involving the entire organization (company, association, community, etc.).

  • Coaching a system (person, relationship between people, team, organization) means supporting it so that it can design its own responses to the object it must deal with (results, actions, challenges, challenges, problematic). It requires special posture, skills and tools.

  • We join the system, not to fix it, but to “reveal” its nature to its members. First of all, revealing the system to itself is to help it see itself as it is, to discover its strengths, its obstacles, its potential, so that it finds its own solutions.

Who is Organizational coaching for?

For leaders who take their businesses through complex transformations.

When to call on Organizational coaching?

  • Your organization faces a new situation (competitive, legal, technological, health breakthrough, etc.): you must modify your strategy and obtain the support of all the members of your organization ...

  • Your business changes: you must work in a project mode and your employees are not ready ...

  • Merger, company buyout: teams must be merged while maintaining work efficiency.

  • The culture of your organization has undergone a major change: you need to improve cross department work.

  • Inter-generational: you need to make the different generations work harmoniously together within the organization.

  • New working methods: you must support the organization to adapt to the optimal use of new technology.

In Organizational coaching, we work on the last level of collective intelligence:

  • Generative Collective Intelligence: the goal is the transformation of the organization towards something that is not yet known, that has never been done.


Our beliefs in organizational coaching:

  • A healthy organization is organized around the support, regulation, attention and well-being of its members.

  • An organization has its own regenerative properties and wisdom.

  • Since an organization tends to self-regulate, it finds on its own the means to transform, which makes it capable of continuously producing possibilities for change.

  • These changes will often meet with some form of resistance within the organization, slowing them down, but often without stopping them.

Organizational coaching as we practice it:
a phygital approach



  • This 1st step consists of entering into a dialogue with a few key players in the company, including the managers.

  • We establish the outlines of the intervention using a self-guided briefing around 12 main questions.

2 days Remote
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