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G&L Shift @Barcelona Global, Hola Barcelona! Cocktail 10th edition

On September 14, the gardens of the Albéniz Palace once again brought together international professionals who have chosen Barcelona as their city of residence and work. Organized by Barcelona Global - the leading civil society platform in Barcelona, for Barcelona - the Hola Barcelona! cocktail party drew over 1,500 people of 81 different nationalities for this tenth edition, chaired by Barcelona Deputy Mayor Maria Eugènia Gay and Barcelona Global President Maite Barrera.

It was an evening rich in testimonials and exchanges on the prospects and opportunities offered by the Catalan city, our host city for over a year. Of particular note was the speech given by Mike Blackman, Managing Director at Integrated Systems Events, who shared his experience and the reasons that led him to choose Barcelona as both his professional and personal destination. "@ISE_Show’s home is emerging as Europe’s tech hub, and we will do our utmost to support this" Blackman said.

Embodying the vision of Barcelona Global means envisioning the Catalan capital as a cosmopolitan, inclusive, tolerant, prosperous and responsible city, making it one of the best in the world in terms of talent and economic activity. This includes the following initiatives:

  • to propose practical and feasible solutions in topics such as tourism, urban planning, health or culture.

  • to select key city projects in areas such as higher education, public-private collaboration or accessible housing.

  • to promote projects favouring new partnerships associated with the promotion of entrepreneurship, culture or science.

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